Video technology –
the next generation

Evolutionary video technology solutions delivered by experts.

Video technology –
the next generation

Evolutionary video technology solutions delivered by experts

Video technology –
the next generation

Evolutionary video technology solutions delivered by experts.

Video technology –
the next generation

Evolutionary video technology solutions delivered by experts.

Video technology –
the next generation

Evolutionary video technology solutions delivered by experts.

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About us

VisoCon was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from Frequentis, one of the world’s leading companies for flight control systems. With its patented secure Single-Stream Technology, VisoCon is taking video interaction and collaboration to the next stage. Our focus is set on developing new standards in real-time video collaboration, setting future standards in business and industries, enabling new forms of collaboration across frontiers and devices.

Based on its broad and long-established experience, VisoCon has extensive know-how in secure real-time communication, investing continuously in enhancing leading edge technologies in its Research & Development division. We therefore have strong partnerships with various industries in order to develop innovations for and together with markets.

eyeson is VisoCon’s premium product brand, covering highly scalable standard solutions for future collaboration across industries, borders and devices.

Vision & Mission

Challenge is the path to success – Our vision is to become the world’s leading supplier of innovative video technology. Here at VisoCon, we are therefore developing revolutionary and innovative solutions to exploit the full potential of video communication and collaboration in a globally connected world.

We are pursuing the goal of shaping a new video technology

– to enable seamless global communication to create a new form of virtual closeness
– to use the full power of video interaction and collaboration by means of easy-to-use technology and affordable options
– to enable people to interact regardless of time, place and device

Management Team


Andreas Kröpfl

Founder & CEO


Michael Wolfgang

Founder & CTO



Setting new standards in
video communication technology

Innovation matters in our globally connected world. Here at VisoCon, we therefore work continuously on developing perfect, simple, highly scalable and individually applicable video technology solutions. Our solutions energize communication and collaboration across all industries and sizes in order to open up new opportunities for business growth, increase productivity and accelerate innovation. With the aid of the newest technologies and our patented solutions, we are designing completely new video technology for a fully new area of deployment.

Boosting innovation
with the latest technology


Professional Single-

Providing maximum video and audio quality, even at low bandwidth.


Real-time communication
technology in HD quality

Guaranteeing of highly secure patented real-time technology in HD quality.


Cloud based video
conferencing technology

Quick and easy implementation that meets the toughest international security standards and removes the requirement to download and install specific software.



Providing fully controlled solutions via REST API, pre-defined JavaScript snippets and native libraries.



Designed to set future standards in
video communication and collaboration

We live in a global place, where work, life and communication have fundamentally changed. eyeson offers you the biggest trend in video technology with an immediate impact on business communication and collaboration. Everyone benefits! Our future-proofed video technology opens up new opportunities for greater interaction and innovation across physical borders and devices.


The next generation of
communication standards


eyeson is the innovative answer to communication requirements in a globally connected world.


eyeson collaborates across physical borders and across time-zones.


eyeson works and communicates flexibly in various places and across multitude of different devices.

Simple, seamless and secure connectivity is crucial in today’s globally connected world. Make one-to-one video calls, schedule video meetings or start a webinar for transferring knowledge to large audiences. With our fully integrated and standardised product range, we offer perfect solutions for small, medium or global businesses, HR departments, webinar providers and social networks.

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New video technologies
pushing into the next level


customeyes developes innovative live video technologies.


customeyes provides tailored solutions for individual industries.


customeyes guarantees the highest international security standards.

Live video technologies play an essential role in future collaboration, communication and workflows, tapping various potentials for different industries. eyeson is detecting and developing future video technologies in close cooperation with our customers to fulfil individual demands and open up new opportunities. Our video technologies will improve communication and collaboration across devices and physical borders, e.g. for retailers and financial institutions, by increasing interaction within the team as well with clients, enabling manufacturers to tackle production issues more quickly through visual interaction, improving services in the health sector, …

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