High End
Video Conferencing

Made simple.

Our goal is to create a value experience between the organization, its customers and partners by improving new market technologies and business processes with unified communication.

What we do

Boosting innovation with the latest technology


Providing maximum video and audio quality, even when bandwidth is low. Required bandwidth is independent of the number of participants.

Cloud based video conferencing

Quick and easy implementation that uses the highest international security standards and removes the requirement to download and install specific software.

Real-time communication in HD quality

Highly secure patented real-time technology in HD quality. Unlimited participants without compromising video quality.

Simple API

Providing a simple and well-documented REST API, pre-defined JavaScript snippets and native libraries.

X Participants. 1 Stream.

The eyeson cloud room provides a multi conferencing unit supplying client applications with video, audio and data streams.
Every client has a single point connection to the eyeson cloud room enabling high scalability and reduced bandwidth with higher video & audio quality.


Digital Marketing

Improve win rate to reach more prospects – video based social engagement

Digital Platform Apps

Innovate, modernize, optimize via VCaaS – integrated seamless communication

Virtual Teams

Improve customer loyality and reduce costs – video as part of service & supply chain

Virtual Workplace

Improve workforce collaboration and effectiveness – remote customer communication


Digital Coaching

Improve corporate and individual coaching – remote team meetings

Digital Training

Improve training and education with webinars – webconferencing for training sessions

Virtual Meetings

Reduce costs (and time) for meetings and education with webinars – video meetings for distributed teams

Main Product

The next generation of communication standards


Improve the efficiency of communication and collaboration with eyeson

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